Thursday, February 11, 2021

How to be an Obedient Asian in America

Use few words. Speak less, be unnoticeable. Know when to speak, and know what you're talking about when you speak. Forget what they told you about how you have to make mistakes to learn. Bullshit. That is for them, not you. Learn on your own, do not ask for help. Be useful in whatever you do. Yes, they will talk about you. How you are unsociable. But they also know for a fact, that you are useful.

Forget about equality. You aren't even fun enough to have beer with. It doesn't matter how well you do your job. You won't be part of them. You won't be part of them when they are laughing and joking during work, while you're the only one who's actually working at work. Be unnoticeable until they come to collect your products of your work. And they will reap the fruits of your work, while they're laughing and joking with a beer in their hands with your boss. They will tell you that you're doing great, that you're a Great American. Yeah, whatever, now you're probably like, fuck America.

Be sure to be frugal. Max out your 401k, and do the same for your IRA. In the end you will be a millionaire, and you won't have to see them again. But in retirement they won't even realize the bad financial decisions they've made, because those laughs and jokes got them higher than your hard work. They will keep on enjoying their beers and laughing an joking, and you will die a millionaire because you never unlearned being frugal.

In your deathbed you will wonder why all the troubles you endured being an obedient Asian in America, you will die yearning for the land you left to be free. You've made this land of the free more fertile, and your sons and daughters won't realize how free they are because the never experienced the opposite.

But rest in peace, be assured that your heirs will be real Americans. Their friends will joke and giggle how stereo-typically rich they are, from the money you never learned to waste. They won't even get offended at the Asian jokes and racial slurs because their origin is blurred. In America it doesn't matter what race you are, as long as you know how to laugh and giggle over a beer. If then you will be part of the team, no matter where the team headed.

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