Monday, June 15, 2020

Joyce Carol Oates

- p. 583, The Best American Essays of the Century.

JOYCE CAROL OATES — novelist, essayist, critic, poet, playwright, and teacher — is one of our preeminent literary figures and social critics. She has written more than forty novels and novellas, among them the 1970 National Book Award winner Them, as well as several volumes of poetry, many plays, and five books of literary criticism. She has been a member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters since 1978. Her most recent work, Blonde, is a novel about Marilyn Monroe.


JOYCE CAROL OATES is the author most recently of Marya: A Life and Raven's Wing, a collection of short stories. Her essay "On Boxing" will be published in an expanded version, with photographs by John Ranard, in 1987. She teaches at Princeton University and helps edit The Ontario Review.

- p. 284, The Best American Essays 1986.


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